Friday, October 4, 2013

I've Been Busy...

Starting my brand new shop on Etsy. As many of you know I have been getting more and more frustrated/bored/unsatisfied with my full-time job. There are plenty of interviews and articles out there about the success of other "Etsians". Many of them have been able to quit their 9-5 and pursue their passion. So I figured why not give it a shot! I have been very lucky to always have crafts in my life (thank you mom and grandma) so why not use my skills and try to do something that I actually enjoy? I'm sure you all have seen the old shop, but now I have a new and improved one. I even had a logo designed - very official!

My main goal with this is to find happiness and bring happiness to others. Please take a look and share with others that enjoy unique handmade items. This of course would not be possible without the help and encouragement of my amazing family and friends - thank you all from the very bottom of my heart!

I'm hoping to write up/post a real update here sometime in the next week, but for now, please enjoy and share Craftinista Girl.

Official Craftinista Girl Logo

Sunday, September 8, 2013

See-ya Summer!

Yes, yes, I am well aware that it has been a minute since I last updated our blog - however, I am happy to say that we have had and incredible and busy summer! I don't even know where to start or what all we've done for the past couple of months, so I'm going to use the photo library on my phone to help refresh my memory and hopefully be able to recall and share some great memories with all of you. Speaking of photos, I noticed that some of my posts have been lacking photographic evidence, so I went back and added a couple of pictures. If you read regularly, you may want to go back and check them out :)

I guess that I can start by saying that we have already had a number of visitors already here in Indy. The first "official" person to come visit was Chris' best friend Andrew. We got to see our friend Meghan briefly for one night while she was in town for a training before that. I had to work that weekend so the boys spent a lot of the time together. One big thing that they did was checked out the The Indianapolis Children's Museum. Everyone had good things to say about it and I think that the guys had a good time. (If you know them, especially when they're together, they are just really big kids at heart). Unfortunately, I only got once picture of the whole weekend while we were waiting to be seated at Bub's. I think the next person after that was my friend Tim, but he only stopped for a couple hours on his way home to St. Louis from Michigan, so does that really count as a visit? ;) haha - love you Tim! I'm just bitter because the visit wasn't long enough. Good thing he will be here in 4 days - more on that in a later post. After that, another one of Chris' friends from Caro came to see us - Doug! We love Doug! He is another really fun friend of Chris'. The reason for his visit was to attend a convention called Gen Con. From what I understand (which is very little) it is a 4 day gaming convention. The primary focus of the convention is board games these days, but I think Chris mentioned that there are more and more video game and computer game companies that attend every year. I went with the guys one night to pick up their tickets and walk around - it was actually honestly neat, but very nerdy. Good nerdy of course! I didn't get to see much of it, but Chris was able to see a ton of people participating in Cosplay. In a nutshell, people dress up like characters from various games - there was even a parade of Cosplay characters. A lot of the costumes are extremely intricate and incredibly accurate to what the characters in games like. I'm sure the people spend a ton of time, effort, and money making these things themselves or purchasing them.  Chris has all of the photos of that on his phone so I can't get to them at the moment, but if you're really interested, I'm sure you can Google Image Search 'cosplay' and come up with some interesting stuff!
Apparently I'm the queen of candid photos
of Chris and his friends - sorry guys! 
Giant spider statue at Gen Con 2013 - Chris said he
thought it was a "boss" from a video game.

Our final and most fun visitor in Indy was Eden! She took her first real road trip to come and see us. We were super excited to have her and were really looking forward to the visit. It just so happened that it was the one weekend that there were no events or anything too exciting going on in or around Indy. We ended up hanging out with our neighbors, visiting a couple of local restaurants (one had live music), and spent a little time at the pool. Although it wasn't anything too exciting, it was very relaxing - isn't that what getting away is all about anyway? :)

Since my last post we have also taken two trips to Michigan - both times for weddings! I love weddings! The first one in July was for my cousin Courtney and the second one in August was for Chris' Aunt Roz. We got to spend some Q.T. with both of our families, which was awesome and very much needed. Seeing Chris' family was very exciting because all of his siblings were there at once which is a rarity with everyone living all over the place. Congratulations again to both of the happy couples - we can't wait to celebrate love with all of you again next year! Okay, get ready for a picture explosion!!!!

Chris and I after Courtney and Alex's wedding ceremony

Eden and I on the car ride to Courtney and Alex's reception
Me, Grandma, and Eden taking advantage of the photobooth and props! 
Chris' face was just too cute not to share this picture :) 
Proof that I go outside... sometimes... 
Me, Sara, Amber, and Rhiannon - "The Hogan Girls" - can't
wait for these ladies to be my sisters (for real!)
Did I also mention that I went to the Legends of Summer tour? :D

Event-wise, we did two pretty cool things this past week. The first was seeing El Ten Eleven (AGAIN)! I invited a couple of people from work and Chris came this time. It was more amazing than the last time because we were in the very front row. I won't lie, I also had a few adult beverages and became an unstoppable dancing machine. It was in Bloomington which is a college-town so there were a lot of neat little bars and restaurants all within walking distance of the venue. Overall, great great great night, lots of fun had by everyone involved.

Tim (drummer) El Ten
Eleven at The Bishop
Kristian (guitarist) El Ten
Eleven at The Bishop
The other very exciting thing that we did this week was went to an event called Barktember with the boys. The community center apparently has this event every year and all of the proceeds go toward the Humane Society. So the community center here is amazing - it has everything you'd want and then some. The building is absolutely beautiful too. There is basically a full on water park at the community center (multiple pools, slides, lazy river, etc.) For Barktember, they let dogs take over the water park! We took Jahjeh and Gabe for  couple hours yesterday and I think they had a lot of fun. We kind of had to force them into the water, but once they got in I don't think they minded much. There were tons of other dogs there too - all kinds! We let the boys off their leashes even because everything was all fenced in. Surprisingly, they kind of just kept to themselves or hung out near Chris and I. They didn't have any interest in any of the dogs or people around them. Regardless, they were definitely wore out from all of the playing and running when we got home. 
Gabriel and Jahjeh's tail hanging out at the kiddie pool

Action shot of Jah and Gabe runnin' wild!

Gabriel and another pug named Carl hanging out 
I think the last thing that I will share are a few photos of our apartment, since I haven't really posted many (or any) yet. We actually took time and cleaned today so it's looking pretty snazzy and I decided it would be a good opportunity to take some photos. We noticed today when we were cleaning that we are kind of decorating one room at a time (unintentionally). Little by little, things seem to be finding their homes.
Walk in closet <3 every girls dream come true! Chris' stuff is on the left, the rest is MINE! 

We may or may not have an entire shoe wall, and by we, I mean I... oops! 
Arial view of the "entryway" I guess we will call it... 

Kitchen... doesn't get much use, but here it is. When I get the counter cleared of all my
craft things, I will have to post another picture so you can see our barstools.
So overall, summer was very busy but very good - we hope that your summer treated you the same! Cheers, until next time... :)


Monday, July 22, 2013

Life Lately: Part 2

From where I left off in my last post... my family arrived in Pittsburgh to help me move on Thursday night. To my surprise, Eden joined them which I wasn't expecting. I had to work on Friday, so they all spent the whole day loading our home into the UHaul. My last day of work at the Pittsburgh office was bittersweet of course. Over the 8 months that I was there, I made some really close relationships with my co-workers and it was really hard to say goodbye to them. Luckily, I was able to do that with a little help from my Aunt Jean and cousin Brianna at Sweet Lil Temptations. They made treats for me to take into all of my co-workers as a little goodbye gift. I was also surprised to receive a gift basket full of scrapbooking and craft supplies from all of them as a send off! When I got home that night we went to Ikea to pick up a couple of things for the new place, and then went to Burgatory for dinner. David Ortega joined us there too.

The next morning we got up and packed more into the UHaul that we hadn't quite finished the day before. We actually didn't get on the road to Indianapolis until about 1:00pm. Chris had taken the day off from work and was anxiously waiting for us to arrive for the whole day! We actually didn't end up getting in until about 10:00pm or so. We were just going to unload a couple of things from the UHaul and call it a night, but we somehow managed to get the energy to do it all! The next morning the family left pretty early and Chris and I were left with a bunch of unpacking to do. I took the entire week off from work so I could take my time unpacking and getting familiar with my new home. We also took some time to have a little fun and be "tourists." The most exciting thing that we did that week was visit the Indianapolis Zoo. In my opinion it was a big zoo, and they had every animal that you could hope to see. The best part of the whole day was getting to pet a shark! The shark did not feel like I thought it was going to feel, it was actually kind of soft and squishy. I was really hesitant to do it, but I'm glad that I did (and lived to tell the tale, haha).

I believe I have shared this before but we live at the Old Town on the Monon apartments right on Main Street in Carmel. Carmel is about 1/2 an hour north of downtown Indianapolis, and it is a very nice area. Everything in Carmel is practically new. I have heard and read on the internet that it is one of the best places to live in the United States, so we are very lucky to have a place there. We live right in the heart of the Arts and Design District which gives us a lot of options for entertainment. Within walking distance of our place there are a number of bars and restaurants, ice cream shops, boutique clothing stores, and furniture stores. So far we have tried Huddles, which is a frozen yogurt place, and a couple of the restaurants on the street. I think so far our favorite is called The Detour. It is considered an American Grille, they have a lot of live bands on their patio as well as trivia on Wednesdays and karaoke on Thursdays. We have went a couple of times for their 1/2 off appetizers promotion. both of us have really liked everything that we've ordered so far, so we will probably continue going there much more. Another awesome amenity that is right outside of our door is The Monon Trail, for all of our Bay Cityans, it is like a glorified rail trail. We have only been on the parts near our apartment, but I guess you can take it all the way from where we are to downtown, and a bunch of other places. So far we have only really ran on the trail and take the dogs on it sometimes. Chris would eventually like to get bikes to ride on the trail too.

Chris is really enjoying his new job here and has got to see a lot more of the area than me. He likes Indy a lot and seems to be fitting right into our new life. I on the other hand am still undecided about Indy. I do like it in general, and I know that I will like it even more after we make a few friends. My full time job isn't going to the greatest, the pace is very slow and I have a hard time finding enough things to do to fill my day. Kohl's on the other hand is great! I can tell that I am really appreciated and everyone that I have worked with is super nice! I'm sure I will feel at home soon enough, it just takes me a little longer to adjust :)


Monday, July 1, 2013

Life Lately: Part 1

Since I have been a total slacker at updating the blog, I am going to make two different posts - there's just too much to tell! I can only type so much in one sitting, and I'm sure you don't want to read a short story about what's been going on in our lives for the past couple of weeks, so this will make things easier on both ends. This post is going to be about my remaining time in Pittsburgh, and the next one will cover moving and our life so far in Indy.

Megan, Alex, and I at Passion Pit - having drinks and making faces
So lets start off at the beginning of the month. My concert spree continued into the month of June. I went to three shows in a matter of 5 days, which was a little hectic but very very fun! The first show that I went to was Passion Pit. Originally, I wasn't excited to see the show because I had seen the band perform on Saturday Night Live this season and they weren't all that great. What I was excited about was spending the evening/night with two of my girlfriends from work. After work we all got changed at the office and again rode "The T" over to the North Shore for the show. It was at Stage AE, which I have been to a couple of times before, but the weather was bad so the show got moved inside. I am glad that I had the opportunity to see the inside of the venue before leaving Pittsburgh because I don't know if I'd have a chance to again. It was a decent size inside and comfortably fit all of the concert attendees. Before the show my friends and I grabbed dinner at a restaurant across the street from the venue. To my surprise the show was amazing and since that night I have grown to like the band more and more. Right now, I am obsessed with their song "Constant Conversations" as well as a couple of the unplugged versions of a couple of their more popular songs. After the show was really fun too! The next day was a Friday and we were celebrating my bosses birthday, so we messed up his desk with confetti, silly string, streamers, and balloons. The next day when I got to the office, he wasn't even mad, he said it was the best birthday-desk-mess-up he had ever seen in all of his time with the company. He actually didn't even clean it up for a couple of days - what a good sport!

Andrews "birthday" desk :)
The next concert that I went to see was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. They have a super popular song called "Home" that everyone knows and loves, and that is how I originally got familiar with them. Pittsburgh has this Three Rivers Arts Festival every year right downtown near where I worked. A bunch of art vendors, food trucks, and people gather for a good time. The festival is for a 2 week period or something like that and every day and night they have music performances for free! During the day I think many of the performers are for children, but at night there are some more 'mature' bands that play. So that's how I got to see Edward Sharpe... A bunch of people from my office were supposed to head over after work, but on the day of the concert everyone basically came up with an excuse of why they couldn't go. I of course was not going to miss a free show, so I was still set on going. Luckily, David also still wanted to go to the show so him and I went. There were a ton of people there too! I knew there would be a good amount since it's free admission, but I didn't think it would be as many as it was. Also, a lot of them were legitimate fans and could sing along to a lot of the words. I tried to brush up on their music for a couple weeks leading up to the concert so I knew a fair amount of the songs that they played. We were pretty far from the stage though and it was very hard to see the band, so all we could do was listen and dance, which was just fine :). After the show we walked over to check out this fountain that had apparently just been turned on for the first time ever earlier in the day. It was ok, it was just a fountain, nothing too special, but at least I can say I saw it now.

The weekend following these concerts was my last weekend at the Kohl's in Pennsylvania. Someone must have been looking out for me because I finally didn't have to work 6am-2pm as I had been for the previous month or better. On my last day one of the girls that I worked with brought in a cake to celebrate. I didn't make many friends at that store, to be quite honest, mostly everyone that worked there was not very nice to me, or at least the people that I worked with and saw regularly. Also, not many people had a good work ethic which really bothered me whenever I worked. I will definitely miss a select few people that I did become close with, but I'm excited to work at the new store here in Indiana. I went into the store last week to meet my managers and everyone seemed really nice and excited to have me join the team. I actually have my first shift there this upcoming weekend, so I will be able to report on how it went when I type up the next post.

The third and final concert that I saw in June was The Postal Service with my dear friend Nicole. The concert was in Detroit, so I took a half day at work and drove from Pittsburgh to Detroit for it and then we stayed the night there. I will start by saying how wonderful it was to see a familiar face. Have I mentioned before how much I adore my friends? We stayed at Greektown, which was honestly probably the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at. I was pleasantly surprised by the interior and surrounding area... Anyhow, we took the People Mover to the concert, which I thought was really fun. I don't think Nicole liked it as much as me. There's something about public transportation that has always just been fun to me. I love taking monorails, subways, trains, buses, whatever I can whenever I go to a new city. It sure does make things easy, we didn't have to deal with traffic or worry about parking. However, it was raining and we had a short walk, so when we got to the concert we were a little soggy. I'm pretty sure I speak for us both when I say the concert was heavenly! Ben was extra dreamy and the whole band sounded great. Our original plan was to try and stay out all night having fun, but when we got back to the hotel and ate after the show bed just seemed like such a better idea. The hotel provided breakfast in the morning, and it was very fancy. The room that we ate in was huge, and decorated very nice. The food was beyond your usual continental breakfast, too. They had a chef preparing omelets on site. I didn't get one, but someone told me they are the best omelets in Detroit. He had all sorts of fresh ingredients around him and you could pick what you wanted in your omelet. After we got breakfast and checked out, we went to Art Van to look at some furniture in person that Nicole had bought online for her new apartment. Then we went to Great Lakes Crossing and did a little shopping before we both headed home.
Nicole and I at The Postal Service

So after all of that, I was left with one night to pack up our apartment in Pittsburgh. I had been packing things there and there before then, but basically nothing was packed up at all. Wednesday night after work I spent the whole night packing and getting stuff together because dad and Joy were coming the next day and I wanted to have everything done for when they arrived. I'd say that I made progress, but I didn't get everything as done as I had originally hoped to.

Hopefully, I don't keep you all in too much suspense until I am able to write up part 2 of this post!

Until next time... :)


Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention this too... You can keep up with my day-to-day through pictures and mini captions on Instagram. *The link should work for those that don't have their own Instagram accounts.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Short and Sweet

Whoops - I meant to post this last week but apparently never did. Better late than never I guess (:
Kristian (guitar) and Tim (drums) of El Ten
Eleven so much talent!

You won't believe it, but I've actually been doing things since my last post! Refering back to that post briefly, I did end up going to the show with my friend from work that I mentioned. The name of the band was El Ten Eleven. Initially, I thought that they were from somewhere in Europe, but have since found out that they are from sunny California. I discovered this band on Pandora, they have one really amazing song that comes up on all of my stations called "My Only Swerving." One of the things that I enjoy most about going to concerts is simply seeing people play instruments. You all know I'm not musically inclined, and seeing people that can play an instrument is so intriguing to me. With that said, the great thing about El Ten Eleven is that they are a two-man-instrumental-band. The venue that we saw them at was called Club Cafe - it's located just off Carson Street (this is comparable to Midland Street in Bay City, except it is much longer and has many more bars). Two girls from my office and I went out to eat before the show, and then after we met up with another girl from the office and her fiance and stayed out all night, I think everyone had a lot of fun, and I know I was in need of a fun night out so I'm very thankful for the girls at my office and their willingness to see a band with me that they didn't even know.

Chris and I rocking out at the Fall Out Boy
A couple of days after that Chris came back to Pittsburgh for the Fall Out Boy concert. The show was sold out and took place outdoor at the AE Stage. He met me downtown when I got out of work and we rode what locals call "The T" over to the Northshore which is where the concert is located. The T is a subway, and you can ride it for free between certain points. Like I mentioned, we took it from Downtown to the Northshore (which I believe meant we went underwater to get there) and didn't have to pay anything - awesome! The line to get into the venue was so long when we got there, so we went to a restaurant near by and got food before the show. When we finally managed it get in line, it was still very long. We waited in line through the opening act and didn't actually get through the gates until they were actually done performing. We ended up standing in the very last row of the whole place. It was good and bad. Typically I like to be down in the front and as close to the band as I possibly can be, but it was a very hot day and there were a ton of people packed into the little area near the stage. We would have been miserable. Standing in the back did give us a lot of room to dance (by us I mean me), and we were able to people watch. There was a girl right in front of us that must have been Fall Out Boys biggest fan, she knew every word to every song they played and was dancing and throwing her hands up and just having a great time. It was really fun to watch her!

Chris wasn't able to stay for very long, he had to get right back to work, so he left the next day. He did, however, take Gabriel with him, so I am a happy mom again! Hanging out with Jahjeh every night has been a complete joy. Him and I are like two peas in a pod! We spend a lot of time relaxing, and snuggling, and eating kettle corn. You all think I'm lame right now, but it's my favorite, and he is just so good and quiet! Gabriel on the other hand... We weren't sure how he was going to react since he has literally never been alone in his whole life. He has always had Jahjeh or a person with him at all times of the day. Chris sends me pictures of him every day moping around, and sleeping , and looking all around cute and cuddly - a completely different dog than when I had him here in Pittsburgh. He has generally been good up until this week. Chris is still subleasing an apartment there, and Gabe managed to eat the remote and ruin the persons couch there. We are trying to be optimistic, because it could be much worse, but it's extra mony that we aren't trying to spend on fixing Gabes mistakes so we are not very happy about right now.

In more news about Indy, I believe Chris will be able to move in on June 11th to the apartment there. My last day of work in Pittsburgh will be June 14th. Thankfully, my dad and Joy are coming to Pittsburgh next week to help me with moving everything to Indy. If they weren't coming, I'm honestly not sure what I would be doing, so I can't say thank you enough to them for taking the time and resources to come and help us out! I feel bad because it is Father's Day weekend and I'm going to be putting my dad to work :( - I owe him (and Joy too) BIG time! I also don't think I've shared that I will be transferrring with Robert Half and with Kohl's. I'm taking a week off to unpack and whatnot, but I will be right back to work in Indy on June 24th. As far as I can tell Chris' job is going really well. He's telling me all the time how much he loves it, so I'm taking that as a sign that it's going good. We will see how much I like it when I get there :). I tend to have a hard time accepting that he sometimes will have to work from home, because I want all of the attention! I would like to make a better effort when I move to actually get involved in things because I can't say that I really managed to do much here in Pittsburgh. Maybe I'll find some sort of sports league to play on (this seems to be what all of my other friends that moved out of state are doing), or try to volunteer more, just anything to stay a little more busy if I can.

Check back often because the next 10 days are going to be jam packed with stuff that I can't wait to share :)


Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy May!

Well, to say the least it has been a crazy couple of weeks. Chris left on the 3rd for Indianapolis and is subleasing an apartment for this month there. He worked really hard for the first weekend he was there at finding us housing and I think we are 98% positive that we found a place. We would be living in a complex called Old Town on the Monon. If you look at the floor plans, we have "the Kendall" one reserved. I don't think there is anything big keeping us from getting the place at this point. We have turned in all of our applications and whatnot, so it's basically ours :) The move in date would be June 10th. I will probably not be joining Chris at this time, but shortly after. We are still waiting to hear from our landlord in PA about when we have to be out of the apartment by. Also, we have hired a replacement for me at my job, however I have been asked to stay as long as possible to get her trained so that is holding me back from leaving PA a bit more immediately. I just hope that everything works out favorably for everyone that's involved in all of this. I think the only person that is losing out on the deal is Chris because it is taking me so long to get there :( He will be back in Pittsburgh for a day or two next week though because we are going to the sold out Fall Out Boy concert! Otherwise, as far as I can tell, his new job is going very well. He got to go to Chicago for two days to train with another market manager, and today he will be visiting his first two stores. He said that Indianapolis is pretty cool so far and that I will like the navigation a lot more there. Apparently it is very flat and the roads are straight. In PA it's all hills and it is rare to find a street without a curve in it!

I also participated in my first volunteer activity since moving to PA. As most of you know, Kohl's has a program called Associates in Action that I used to 'head up' at the Midland store. I apparently picked the right event to help out with us because we got the royal treatment for volunteers. The event that I helped out with was the Pittsburgh Marathon Expo. It was at a big convention center downtown that is near where I work. I was able to walk over to the convention center when my shift was over at Robert Half. I was in charge of helping at the information booth. People asked the same questions over and over, but it was still fun to see all the people coming in for the event and to pick up their race stuff. I say we got the royal treatment because all volunteers got a tshirt and a goody bag full of nutritious snacks, coupons, and a water bottle. Plus, the Pittsburgh Marathon throws a big 'thank you' party for all of their volunteers. I decided not to go because it was kind of a far drive from our apartment. They really did a good job of making their volunteers feel valued though! 

I had a lot of fun with Andrea during my weekend in DC! Driving there was a bit rough because I didn't leave PA until 9:00pm, so I didn't arrive at her place until about 2:00am. We spent the majority of the time I was there relaxing, which was really nice and a change of pace for me. The other great thing was just being around people, and talking, and laughing. Having friends is one of the most rewarding things in the world! Not having anyone to hang out with in PA makes me very thankful for the time that I do get to spend with friends, which I feel like I have taken for granted in the past. On Saturday we watched some softball games at a park near by and then went to brunch. After, I somehow managed to make the best margarita's I think I've ever had. We used Sauza silver tequila, which I have never had before, but it was pretty good! I also put sour mix, lime juice, orange curacao, and soda water in them- so delicious! Sunday was the day of our concert, which was actually in Baltimore. It was about an hour drive from Andrea's place. It was at a venue called Rams Head Live, which was just amazing inside. There were 2 balcony areas above the main floor that you could go up to and watch the show, which is where we stood. The first band that played was called Mike Mains & The Branches and they are actually from Lansing, MI - small world! The other people that played were William Beckett (previous lead singer of The Academy Is) and HelloGoodbye (with a lead singer that was completely nerdy and adorable and had the best dance moves). The show was really good, and I obviously had some really good company. On Monday morning I got up early and came back to Pittsburgh and into work right away.

Lead Singer of HelloGoodbye, Forrest Kline rocking out! 

Relient K
Since then, I have been keeping super duper busy around the house. There is a lot to do/get done, but mainly I try to stay busy to keep my mind off missing Chris. At least I have Jahjeh and Gabriel to keep me company, he has no one and no puppies :( Speaking of the dogs, they have been a real handful to manage on my own. I'm probably being a big baby about the situation, but it takes a lot of work/time/effort/sometimes tears to take care of them! As I've mentioned many times before, Gabe is trouble! He is constantly eating things he shouldn't be, barking, harassing Jahjeh, throwing up and being overall wild. Sometimes I have to try and wrangle him just to get him calmed down, and let me tell you, he is a strong little dude! Chris has always had a ton of patience with Gabe and knows how to get him to calm down, so I really miss him being around to help right now. I've also had to adjust to taking care of chores all by myself. Chris being gone really makes me appreciate how nice it is to have another person around to do the little stuff like switch the laundry or unload the diswasher. These things seem menial, but I've noticed how much of a difference it makes when I don't have to do it myself. The gym has been another place I have been frequenting. I'm up to running 4 - 5 miles a day about 3 or 4 days a week. Kohl's has also been keeping me busy. I somehow was appointed a new 6am position that they created, so I've been working from 6am-2:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays. It is very early and I hate waking up, but the up side is I get out extra early. This has given me time to work on new stuff for my Etsy shop. I've done a lot of sewing for it so far, so I decided to try some more paper crafting which I really, really enjoy.  I've also done some mixed media projects that involved painting, and have found that painting is awesome! I need to get more canvases and just go crazy with it one day. 

The rest of this week should be pretty normal for me, just working all week. I invited a girl from my office to a concert on Saturday night, so that might be happening. Otherwise, all will be quiet. 


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I really apologize that there hasn't been much to post about. When I started this blog I thought that we would be doing all sorts of exciting things that I would be able to tell everyone about, but that hasn't been the case. A lot of that has to do with the weather, there just haven't been many good days for us to get out and enjoy anything. It also seems like the nice days are when Chris or I have to work, so that prevents us from doing stuff too. In the upcoming months, it seems like we have a lot to look forward to though, so that is exciting to me.

The nearest events are actually this upcoming weekend. First, I am going to DC to visit Andrea. I will just be there Saturday and Sunday, and will leave to come back to PA on Monday morning. On Sunday night we will be seeing a band perform from our 'youth', Relient K. They used to be one of my favorite bands. I have already seen them in Royal Oak as well as Frankenmuth. It has been a number of years though, so it will be fun to see them again. I don't know much of their new music so I am really hoping that they play some of the olf stuff too. The second exciting event is that Chris will be moving to Indianapolis! Yes, Indiana! I let my job know the news today, so I suppose it is alright to let the Internet world know. He got a job with the company that he was working for around the holidays. I guess the best way to describe his position is a market manager. We probably can't say a whole lot about the company/job/work Chris will be doing publically again, so you can call us if you want all of the juicy details. Actually, call him because I'm still pretty clueless about what the job entials. He will be starting work right away on Monday the 6th. I will be staying in Pittsburgh for about another month or so, but will also be moving there once everything is wrapped up in PA. We also found out that he has relatives that travel there often to visit family, so they will be able to help show Chris around and give him pointers.

Right now I feel indifferent about the moving situation. I am very excited and happy for Chris as this is a great opportunity for him  to advance in his career and build his resume. In all honesty, I'm not "doing a whole lot" here, so moving won't be that much of a strain on me. It will be yet another opportunity for us to start over and hopefully do bigger and better things with ourselves. I'm not sure that the fact that I'm moving again has totally hit me yet, so I'll have to keep everyone posted as the actual move gets closer. A lot of people that I have told the news have asked about me and school... I was planning on postponing that until after the wedding anyhow, so I will figure that out down the road. Instead of a business degree I am looking at programs in education. One in particular is in cirriculum & instruction. It sounds like it would really prepare me to teach at a college level. This is a good thing since I've never taught anything before. There is still a good amount of time to decide though. In the meantime I am hoping to find a community college to take some courses at in the fall, just to keep my brain active. Any suggestions on what courses might be fun/interesting? - send them my way!

In my new position at work as the 'office manager' I have had the opportunity to plan a couple of baby showers for some co-workers that are expecting babies. Actually, one was born last week, and the other should be here sometime next month. For the first shower we played the diaper game. It is a popular shower game so I'm sure many of you are familiar. I do have photos of the game, but they're kind of gross so I will keep them to myself. For the second shower I had everyone submit a baby photo of themselves and we all had to try and guess who each baby was. The people in my office were really good at it, although I think some of them cheated a little. All in all it was a really good time, and I found that I really enjoy planning events... Future career? Maybe! Speaking of babes, I gained another niece about a week ago; Baby Braylei Michele, and she's sooo presh* It will be a long time before I can meet her in person, but her mom says that we can Skype and video chat on the phone, so at least she can see who is going to totally spoil her! <3

So other than the exciting job news everything else is pretty normal. I should have a lot more to post about and more frequently over the summer months so check back often to see what's new in our lives. In the meantime, please enjoy these bad/adorable pictures of Gabe. He definitely knows how to keep life exciting!